Saturday, 7 September 2019

Progress on Ainsley and Jack's Wedding Quilt Label

Right after picking my goals for September, I got to work on my number one goal.  I finalised the text for the quilt label on the computer using Bradley Hand ITC font and printed it out intending to use my light box to trace the text onto the quilt label with a wash out marker.  However, the background fabric is a very dense white tone on tone and I could not see the text through it, so I had to come up with plan B.  Luckily I had been doing some tidying up of pattern papers last week and had come across dress making tracing paper which I am pretty sure had been bought for me when I was taking a sewing class in grade 9 Home Ec., 40+ years ago!  I pinned the text paper to the top of my label with the tracing paper in between and traced the text hard with a pen so the tracing paper would transfer to the fabric.  It's not very dark, but I think it will be good enough for me to follow.  I whited out their last names on the computer and my mouse skills are not great so excuse the scribbles.

Then I went off to buy some cotton embroidery floss.  I ended up with DMC 169, a grey the same colour as the darker grey corner triangles which I will embroider the "100% Cotton" with as it is not wedding info so I want it to fade into the background.  I might embroider the "To" in grey as well for balance.  Then I picked a violet I thought coordinated well with the central colours of violet in each of the four different violet rings.  It is DMC 327.  Here's a picture of the floss with the grey fabric and bits and pieces of the four leftover violet rings fabric.  Now to unearth an embroidery hoop.  I know there are several about.

Uh oh!  Now I am thinking of finding a simple embroidery pattern for lupin flowers as that is what the colours of the quilt are based on.  It would fit quite nicely in the top and/or bottom space left in the central white diamond.....  We shall see, I am very excited that progress is being made!

I am posting this at 9:15 am and it is already windy and grey and spitting rain as we wait for the full brunt of Hurricane Dorian to hit us at midnight tonight.  I should get plenty of embroidery time in this weekend.  I don't usually embroider, so have no idea how long it will take.

Thursday, 5 September 2019

September Priorities

I hardly sewed at all this summer, which is not a bad thing, but there are some projects that need to move forward so I am making a list of priorities for September to see if this will get me back in the groove.

1.  Make a label for Ainsley and Jack's wedding quilt!!!  They had their first anniversary a couple of days ago..... so it's way overdue and yes I have been procrastinating.  The quilt was completed on time for their wedding but the label is still waiting.  The block for the label is all pieced and I know I want to embroider the text.  I just have to decide whether I am going to embroider it by machine which means I have to get out the manual and figure out how to do it or if I am going to embroider it by hand which means I need to trace the text onto the fabric and just get to it.  We are expecting Hurricane Dorian to hit us this Saturday and may have power outages, so maybe I should just go with hand embroidery.  OK, decision made!  This is working already!  Here's what the quilt looks like, well half of it anyway.  You can see all of my Double Wedding Ring / Metro Rings posts by clicking on this link.

2.  These next three items all have the deadline 19 September, which is our first guild meeting of the year:
  • Finish a few more pillow cases for "Ryan's Case for Smiles".  I have six completed and two more cut out and ready to sew.  Maybe I can make ten so I just need to look for fabric for two more.  See four I've made already by clicking on this link.
  • Make a bag for the guild challenge.  I have chosen the pattern which is fairly simple and have a few ideas for the fabric.  I can't show anything though because it's a secret!
  • Quilt a comfort quilt.  The top is already loaded on the frame and ready to go.  I think I have decided on a free motion quilting pattern.  It is called "Filament" and is by Christina Cameli.  See it here from her book "Step-by-Step Free-Motion Quilting by clicking this link.
3.  Quilt one of my own quilts.  I have several to choose from.  Maybe I can quilt one with the same free motion pattern as the comfort quilt so I will be all "practised up" and ready to go!

4.  Continue working on my Dear Jane Quilt which has been an on going project.  You can see all my Dear Jane posts by clicking on this link and here is a picture from my most recent post.  I have made more blocks since this picture.

5.  Start cutting the fabric for my son Bryan and fiance Catherine's quilt.  They are getting married on 18 July 2020.

OK, enough "talking", there is a quilt label to work on.

Monday, 12 August 2019

Cheerful Pillowcases for the IWK Children's Hospital

Our guild received an invitation to sew colourful pillowcases for our local children's hospital in support of "Ryan's Case for Smiles" and their September 2019 goal to sew as many "MILES" of pillowcases as possible.   FYI, 2122 pillowcases = one mile. 

I had just the right fabric.

And here are five cheerful pillowcases which equals .0024 of a mile.  

I'll have to do some digging and see if I can't find some more children's fabric so I can go a bit farther than that!

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Candy Dish Table Runner

I haven't been doing any major amount of sewing this summer but seem to be on a bit of an applique kick which isn't what I usually do.  I found this free pattern for a Candy Dish Table Runner .  It is a pattern by Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts and you can find the pattern and a video tutorial at the above link.  The pattern is just for the pieced runner so I did my own thing for the applique loosely based on the picture.  Here is my pieced table runner.  I chose to attach the two leftover triangles of background fabric to the ends instead of having a rectangular table runner.  (updated link)

And here it is with the applique fused on.

Here is an outdoor picture after I've blanket stitched around all the applique which shows the details much better.

I plan to quilt the candy dish itself with black thread which I hope will make it stand out a bit better from the background fabric.  I might even add some embroidery details after it's quilted too. The birds need some French knot eyes at the least.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Dear Jane Quilt - 21 More Blocks

This brings my total of central blocks sewn to 85 with 84 still to go, so just over the half way point of the square blocks.  Yeah!  After that there are still 56 triangular border blocks to make which will be a bit more complicated, so I am figuring I am one-third done time wise now.  Still Yeah!

D3  I appliqued this block.

E3  I pieced this block.

E11  This was a time consuming block.  First you had to make 8 black ovals which were appliqued to a circle.  Then you had to make a reverse applique circular hole in a square and applique this on top of the circle and then you had to applique four quarter circles in the corners.  A lot of work for a tiny block.  I like how it turned out though!

F3  I pieced this block, it was fairly simple.

F11  This was another complicated block combining applique and paper piecing.  First you had to applique the quarter blue circles to black squares and then create the block with paper piecing and then applique the black quarter squares on top.  I used Susan Gatewood's paper piecing templates.  My applique is still not the greatest, but from a reasonable distance, they are OK.

G3  This was also appliqued.

G11  I paper pieced the diamond rectangles using Susan Gatewood's paper piecing patterns

H3  I pieced this block and like it very much.  It has been named "Berry Baskets".

H11  I also paper pieced this using Susan Gatewood's patterns and required "Y" seams.

I3  I strip pieced this one, very simple.

I11  Once again, I paper pieced this using Susan Gatewood's paper piecing patterns.

J3  I pieced this using my "Drunkard's Path" templates for the curved quarter circles.  The black rectangle arrow shapes could line up a bit better but from a distance I am fine with how this block turned out.

J11   It took me awhile to figure out how to make this block using a "Cathedral Window" technique.   In the end I made six individual orange peel blocks using a coloured square and layering two black squares folded into triangles on top and then rolling back the triangle edges.  For the central block to have the criss-cross, I cut one completed orange peel block in half diagonally cross ways and placed it on top of another incomplete orange peel block and then rolled the edges back on it.  Because of the method I used to make this block, I do have two black lines on my central block that are not on the original Dear Jane block, but I'm fine with that.  I was able to make the block using "Cathedral Window" techniques and no applique.

K8  I paper pieced this block, not because it was difficult, but just to make it more accurate, again using Susan Gatewood's paper piecing patterns.

K9  I pieced this block.

K10  I pieced this block.

K11  I pieced the centre of this block, but I paper pieced the outer black rectangles with the coloured triangles again using Susan Gatewood's paper piecing patterns.

B3  I used my "Drunkard's Path" templates for this block.

B4  I pieced this block.

B10  I pieced this block.  My plus sign is little wonky, but not too badly.

B11  I pieced this block with orange corners and then added black squares folded into triangles to the corners and rolled them back like "Cathedral Windows" to create the curves.

I am still having so much fun making these blocks.  I was Dear Jane binging over the Victoria Day long weekend since it wasn't nice enough most of the time to be outside.  I started working on these blocks in January of  2018, 17 months ago and now have 85 blocks which means I have averaged 5 blocks a month.  I hope to pick up the pace a bit so it doesn't take me 17 more months to finish the square blocks and still have all the triangle blocks to make.  Maybe I can complete 5 blocks a month plus at least 1 or maybe even 2 triangles a month going forward.  May isn't over yet and our Dear Jane group hasn't even met yet so I can certainly get a few more done this month!  Once I sew 81 of the 85 blocks into a 9 x 9 grid, I will post a picture.