Sunday, 17 June 2018

Dear Jane Quilt, I4, J4, D10, E10, F10 - 45 of 225

I made this block three days ago with a faux cathedral window in the centre surrounded by half square triangles and flying geese.

And here's the close up.

Next I made J4 which was very easy.

And its close up.

Yesterday I made D10.  I paper pieced the two square in a squares but not the half square triangles

Here's the close up.  I really like this block.

Then I made E10.  It was pretty easy with only two cathedral window orange peels.

Here's its close up.

Next I made F10.  I redrafted the corner diamonds so they went all the way out to the corners and paper pieced them.  I made a strip set for the sides and made a template so I knew what angle to cut the edges at.  I also made the coloured strip go all the way out to the edge.  It was fairly easy to put this together using two really gentle y seams.

Here's a close up of F10.  I like this block too.

So, here is what 45 blocks looks like altogether.

A few of you might have noticed that D4 and D6 have swapped places.  I made D4 the wrong colour so it had to move to the D6 spot, so then I just made D6 the right colour to fit in the D4 spot which was easier than making D4 over....

It won't be long until I'm working on another round and more importantly,  I'm still having fun!

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