Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Dear Jane Quilt, G10, H10, I10 & J10 - 49 of 225

Lately I have been blogging each time I have five blocks made but right now I have a seven by seven section done so thought that was a very good point to make a post with four blocks made.

I made G10 yesterday.  It had a lot of pieces but was just piecing rows and then sewing them together and then trimming to make it square.  Here it is with the picture.

And here is the close up.  I think it turned out really well.

I also made H10 which was simply two half square triangles, some strips and four quarter square triangles.  I paid attention to the fact that the corner hour glass blocks have the colour vertical, but I have the centre reversed.  Ah well, not worth taking apart and resewing.

Here's the close up.

I also got I10 made. I didn't bother with the little bit of black on the outside of the squares near the border.  I pieced the four edge triangles and cut out a template to cut them into the barn roof shape and then I did partial y seams to get the centre star in place.  It was fiddly.

And here's the close up but don't look too close.

Today I made J10.  It is one of the blocks that is all orange peels and I have made them using a faux cathedral window method.

Here's the close up.  I like the purple oranges peels framed with black better than the black oranges peels framed with purple.

And here are the first 49 put together.  I took the picture outdoors and some of the yellow blocks really look washed out.

I now have to put this aside and work on some other sewing projects.  I've been having so much fun I've been working on it too much and ignoring other projects.


  1. I am in love with your fabric combinations! Your DJ is going to be unique and gorgeous. Also really intriguided by your faux cathedral window technique in block J-10. I've been avoiding that one, but your technique might make me do it :P.

    1. It works for me because I’m “allergic” to hand Applique! There are a few more layers of fabric but I haven’t had any problems.