Friday, 25 May 2018

Dear Jane Quilts, J5, J6, J7, J8 & I9, 35 of 225

I made block J5 on Wednesday, trying to get a few more blocks made before my Dear Jane group met on Thursday.  I sewed the central square and black inner frame and then sewed the outer cones and wedges into an outer frame.  I was then able to sew the seams where the black units touch each other and top stitched the tops of the cones.  This was a difficult block because of the odd angles.

And here's the close up.

I got J6 done on Thursday at my Dear Jane group.  I find sewing on my featherweight not quite as precise as my heavy duty home machine, but decided it was acceptable.

And the close up.

I also got J7 done while with the group.  Also a little wobbly, but not enough to warrant doing it over.

And the close up.

I started J8, but didn't finish it until Friday.  A couple of my triangle tips got cut off, but I really like those cathedral windowed orange peeled corners.  Oops, I posed my block the opposite way to the picture.

And the close up.

As mentioned in a previous post, I made I9 in error instead of J9, so when it came time to make J9, I replaced it with I9 instead....  I chose to paper piece it in three sections first.

And then put it together with two strips.  I also redrafted the block a bit by making the triangles all right angle triangles and making the final corner triangle one entire triangle right out to the edge.

And the close up.

And, here are the first 35 Dear Jane blocks all attached together.

I completed ten blocks so far in May which means I am behind by two with my goal of finishing three per week.  Still having fun though!  Our group won't meet again until the last Thursday of September, but I hope to continue making blocks over the summer.

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