Monday, 5 February 2018

Dear Jane Quilt, F6, G7, H6 - 7 of 225

I made three more Dear Jane blocks today.  Actually I made four because I made H6 twice......

Here's G7 in parts, I used my smallest Drunkards Path templates for the quarter circles and then trimmed them down about 1/4" on each side.

And here is G7, the centre block of the quilt, completed.  It kind of looks like a bulls eye too.

The original F6 has little orange peels appliqued in the centre of it.  Well, I will do just about anything to avoid hand sewing so I made the centre like how you would make dimensional flying geese.  Here it is in parts.

And here it is with the bias edges of the flying geese pinned back to reveal the orange peels.

And here the curved edges have been sewn down by machine and F6 is complete.

A close up just for the fun of it.

I didn't think it was possible to avoid hand sewing on H6, so I made this block which was not great but was OK.

I got to looking at it and comparing it with the orange peels I had made in F6 and decided I could piece it the same way by creating bias edges to fold over.  Here's my revised H6 in parts.

And here is H6 sewn together.  I like it much better than the hand sewn one!

Here they are side by side for comparison.

And here are the seven I have made so far.  I am sewing them together as I go, working from the centre out.

I am enjoying this immensely!  Even making one of the blocks over again was fun, especially when it turned out so much better than the first one.  Now on to F8 and H8.

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  1. I love the dimensional quilt blocks like that one and the stainedglass-style pillow case that you made