Monday, 8 January 2018

Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville Mystery "On Ringo Lake" Parts 7, 8 & 9

Last Thursday, I completed Part 7, sewing the coral and brown flying geese together:

I then had all the components of the block made:

Here is my first completed block for Part 8:

And here are a few more completed blocks:

Yesterday and today I started Part 9 even though I haven't put all the blocks together yet.  Here are a few more completed blocks with the sashing and cornerstones laid out around them:

Tomorrow I will have to work on some other projects but would like to get a couple of blocks added per day and then will have to decide if I want turquoise triangles to finish it off.  I've see one that used the background colour which looked quite good too.

#quiltvillemystery #onringolakequilt

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  1. Lovely fabrics! It’s really looking lovely! Although I’m not linking up, I’m at about the same stage as you (still putting blocks together).

  2. I like your blocks with AND without the sashing... so pretty!

  3. Your blocks are beautiful! I love the pink instead of the coral!