Wednesday, 4 October 2017

T + T Wedding Quilt with 2 Cushions

I started making this quilt with fabric selection on 4 April but could not blog about it because it was for the wedding of my nephew and his fiance which took place on 30 September. They have a king size bed which is too big of a quilt for me to make so I made them a throw size with two matching cushions following  their wish for it to be a Zen quilt made of whites and grays.  Here were my original fabric choices:

The final fabrics were edited down to the following 14 with the darkest and the bluest fabrics being removed:

My interpretation of a Zen quilt was for it to be calming and simple without a busy pattern so I chose half-square triangles.  Here is one-quarter of the quilt sewn in rows:

My original intention was to join the quarters together with the dark sides of the triangles all on the bottom right but when I was playing around, I decided I really liked it best with each quarter rotated 90 degrees with all the dark triangles pointing to the outer corners and the lighter triangles pointing to the center.  Here is a picture of it completed and hanging on the line:

I quilted it with white thread on my frame with my domestic sewing machine:

The pantograph I used was called Ginkgo by Jessica Schick by Digi-Tech which I thought went well with the Zen theme.  You can see the texture of the quilting on this background shot:

You can also see the two triangular pieces of fabric attached to the upper corners which serve as the quilt label and can also be used as pockets for a rod if the quilt were to be hung up.  I bound it using half width of fabric pieces of four of the mid-tone fabrics so the binding would blend in and add to the Zen factor.

I realize I forgot to take pictures of the two cushions.   If I receive a picture of the quilt and cushions in their new home, I will be sure to post it.

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