Friday, 23 June 2017

Storm at Sea - Finished Quilt & Cushion Ready for Gifting!

My daughter chose the pantograph for the quilt, Viola Petite by Patricia Ritter & Leisha Farnsworth.  Here is a picture of the quilt while it was on the frame for my DSM.

Here is a picture of the label on the back after the binding has been put on but before the quilt has been washed.

We had a few extra pieces and my daughter made two more grey diamonds so we could make a matching cushion cover.

And here is the simple envelope back.

Here is a picture of the full quilt after washing which measures 86 x 98.

And a detail shot.

Here is the back.

And a detail shot of the back which shows the pantograph really well.

It has been finished for couple of days and the wedding is tomorrow!
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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Anchors Aweigh!

I made a lap quilt for my father for his 89th birthday.  His career was spent as a photographer in the Royal Canadian Navy / Canadian Armed Forces so I went for the naval theme.

I found the "Anchors Aweigh" pattern in a Fons and Porter Love of Quilting magazine, but you can buy it from their website.  It is also a pattern that meets the guidelines established by the Quilts of Valor Foundation.

 I totally changed up the colour scheme choosing the colours of naval flags.

I also found a nice mottled grey which looked to me like it could be barnacle encrusted anchors. When my friend M found out what I was making, she offered me a selection of nautical prints she had collected.  Thank you M, they really added to the nautical theme of the quilt!

The blue striped fabric became the binding.  It was an absolute match to the solid blue fabric already in the quilt.

All I had to do then was add some white fabric and start sewing!  It only took me fifteen hours spread over five days to have a quilt top flimsy, a pieced backing and prepared binding.  I so wanted to blog about my progress, but since my father reads my blog it would have totally spoiled the surprise.....

I purchased an edge to edge anchor pantograph by Patricia Ritter called "Anchors Aweigh".

We had a birthday party for my father this past Sunday and here he is holding the quilt with the quilt label showing. (I blocked out his personal information.)

And here is a picture of the finished quilt.

It was a beautiful day and we had a barbeque on his deck to celebrate his 89th birthday.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Storm at Sea - A Finished Flimsy

Last night my daughter was over and we finalized the decision of which fabric to use for the last border on the quilt.  I got them sewn on this afternoon and here it is.

We are VERY pleased.  Now the plan is to get it quilted and bound this week and we will be one week ahead of her girlfriend's wedding date.

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Friday, 2 June 2017

Cardinal Red Star Quilt - A finish and a winner!

This quilt has been quilted for awhile, but I was waiting to blog about it until I had the label on it and until it was entered into the viewer's choice Star Quilt Challenge at the end of season dinner of the Mayflower Quilters' Guild.  I still don't have the label on it.... but the Star Quilt Challenge was last night and I won first place and a gift certificate to a local quilt chain!!!  Now I will have to be sure to make a label and include that information as well.

Third place was this lovely batik quilt:

Second place was this colourful New York Beauty quilt:

First place was my quilt which I designed myself:

Here is a full view of it which shows a bit more of the texture.

And a close up of one of the fussy cut cardinal blocks.  I fussy cut the large blocks but not the small ones, although a lot of them did end up with a good portion of a cardinal on them as well.

Here is a close up of the quilting on the back so you can see the details.  Of course, I had to quilt it with cardinals and used "Christmas Cardinal" by Sarah Ann Myers, digitized by Patricia E. Ritter.

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Thursday, 1 June 2017

A UFO Charity Quilt - one large step closer to being finished

My friend M and I have made at least five full size quilts and various smaller ones together.  All the full sized ones were for charity except two.  One was commissioned by a co-worker as a Christmas present for her mother and one was made as a surprise for that same co-worker.  All the smaller ones were either for charity or for co-workers having babies.

Once a week I should start posting quilts I've made prior to the start of my blog so I have a record of my quilts all in one place.  (Squirrel!)

This particular charity quilt has to be at least 4 years old as I moved to a different work location 3 years before I retired and it was pieced prior to that.  M pieced most of it but I cut and pieced some of the colourful blocks.  (For those not familiar with "UFO" in the context of quilting, it stands for "unfinished object" as in a quilt that has been partly made but is not currently being worked on. Another quilt term "WIP" is also a quilt that has been partly made but is a "work in progress" and it is being worked on.)

M came to sew at my place last Sunday and we got it on the frame and got 2/5 of  it quilted.  I've worked on it twice since then and finished the quilting today.  M was over in St. John's, NL working and we were texting while the last two rows were stitching so she was in on the finish as well.

Anyway, here it is.  As I said, it's very colourful.  All fabric was donated, except the stripe and probably the black which came from M's stash.  It is approximately 50" by 60".

And here's a close up of the froggy pantograph, "Ribbet" by Patricia Ritter.  It must be a tree frog because it doesn't have webbed feet.

  M is going to make black binding for next time we get together.