Sunday, 26 February 2017

New Design Wall and Storm at Sea Options

My husband helped me wrap three 1" x 2' x 8' Styrofoam insulation boards with quilt batting for a 6' x 8' design wall.  This is the first step in moving out of the unfinished basement room I currently sew in into the rec room. :-)

I am working on a Storm at Sea quilt with my daughter inspired by this picture fround on Pinterest.

Here is my first attempt at putting the colours of strips in order, but I think this one has too many greens together and the light gray sticks out too much.

In attempt number two the greens are better distributed, but the light gray still sticks out.

Attempt number three and the light gray still sticks out.

Attempt number four and the light gray melds in better with the central light fabrics.  I think the yellow looks like the sun shining across the water. Now I think the dark gray stands out too much.

My favourite.

Now to find out if my daughter agrees or not!

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