Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Dear Jane Quilt, D4, E4, F4, G4 & H4 - 40 of 225

I started D4 a couple of days ago and got it pieced, but didn't get the orange peels opened and sewn down.  I made the orange peels Monday.  I used my Tri Recs ruler for the triangles and strips in the outer border and made mitred corners to orange peel.  Here it is with it's picture.  I think it's a very good likeness.

And here it is close up.

I made E4 on Monday.  I redrafted it a bit so the central diamond went right out to the corners of the block and so that the little triangles went right out to the edge of the block as well.  I decided to paper piece it in three sections and made the central diamond out of two triangles instead of one piece of fabric.

And here it is sewn together with its picture.  The changes I made didn't take away from the block at all and simplified the piecing.

Here is its close up.  It looks crooked, but it is an optical illusion, it is perfectly square.

Today I made the first violet block, F4.  It was pretty simple.

And it's close up.  Love the colour.

Next I made G4.  It had lots of tiny pieces, but was easy to paper piece.

And it's close up.  I like the effect from starting with lighter fabric and working out to darker fabric.

I then made H4.  I made three templates for the shapes and then "Y" seamed them together.

And the close up.

Five more blocks done and still having fun!

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