Friday, 8 December 2017

Mug Rug Challenge & Santa Log Cabin Ornaments

Last night was my sewing guild's Christmas Party.  We had lots of good food and played some fun games and had a Mug Rug Challenge with prizes.  Here is my mug rug along with some sewing related mugs which were part of the prize packages.  (I did not win, but had the mugs to put the prize packages together):

The reason all the buttons were dumped out is everyone was given a button and used it to vote by dropping it in a cup beside their preferred mug rug.  I made the wrapped candy mug rug from a free pattern which you can find here (  It is by Jayne from Twiggy and Opal.  The main pattern is for a table runner with bonus coasters.  I would like to make the table runner too.

I also made some Santa Log Cabin Ornaments to go in the prize packages using 1" strips so I believe these were 6" square before two sides were sewn up to make a cone shape.  I forgot to take any photos while I was constructing them and just made them up from a picture I had seen:

Here is a close up of one so you can see the detail:

One mug rug won by quite a large margin and two tied for second place.  Here is a picture of the winning mug rug courtesy of our guild's photographer:

Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of the runners up mug rugs.

One of the games we played involved everyone standing in a circle holding a fat quarter of fabric while someone read a story aloud filled with the words  "left" and "right".  Every time these words were said, you passed the fabric in your hand to the person on either your left or right.  (For example:  Jane still had not found the right piece of fabric in order to finish her quilt and there were only ten days left until Christmas.)  The narrator had to stop a couple of times when too many lefts and rights were said close together to straighten us out and several people ended up with three pieces of fabric and others had none.  It was a lot of fun and you went home with a different piece of fabric than the one you had brought in.

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  1. Great mug rugs. the winning one sure is cute. Our guild just had our party on Wednesday night.