Friday, 24 November 2017

Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville Mystery "On Ringo Lake" Part 1

I have been reading Bonnie Hunter's Blog ( for awhile now and decided that I would do her next mystery quilt.  Well the instructions for Part 1 came out today.  I cut my strips:

And even made a few more blocks than required. Here is a sampling: (edited to remove numbers)

If you want to check out the Mystery Quilt here's the link (  There was also a previous post which gave colours and amounts of fabrics required (

Do my blocks look like Bonnie's?  You'll have to go check it out to tell...

Updated to add #quiltvillemystery and #onringolakequilt

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  1. A great start with some great blocks (you can always use the extra blocks in the backing).

  2. Your blocks look fantastic! I really like the different blues you've used!